Is it possible to include women in the history of 1971?

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Bangladesh has taken a significant stride by attempting to describe a more inclusive history of 1971. They did so by declaring the rape victims of 1971 as “freedom fighters”. This achieved two objectives. First, it recognised the victimisation of women as part of the war effort. Second, it was an attempt, albeit a very delayed… Read more »

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Is all happiness lost to Shukhi?

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How many Shukhis have to endure violence, severe torture and sometimes death when demands for more dowries not being met in Bangladesh? How many monstrous husbands and in-laws will abuse and kill innocent young women because their poor parents cannot pay the dowry amount to the husbands or to their families? This is happening all… Read more »

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The personal is political

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I am a 21st century slave. I am given a slave name by my owner. Science is used to say I am less evolved. Theology is used to keep me from owning property. Biology is used to see me as a vessel where the rights of my body are not my own. I could be… Read more »

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