Is all happiness lost to Shukhi?

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How many Shukhis have to endure violence, severe torture and sometimes death when demands for more dowries not being met in Bangladesh? How many monstrous husbands and in-laws will abuse and kill innocent young women because their poor parents cannot pay the dowry amount to the husbands or to their families? This is happening all… Read more »

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The calculated silence on the killing of bloggers

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These are dark times. So dark that forces more medieval than those in the Middle Ages are trying to hurtle us back into a place where nothing grows except the seeds of intolerance; so dark that the people who have been entrusted to protect us from those forces are in fact bowing down to them.

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I forgive you

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“I just want everyone to know that I forgive you“. So said Nadine Collier, the daughter of 70-year old victim Ethel Lance, in an emotion-choked and electrifying victim statement, when confronted with the evil of Dylann Roof. She went on, “You hurt me, you hurt a lot of people, but I forgive you”. This little… Read more »

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A bigot, a coward, and a Nobel Laureate

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Today I want to introduce you to a bigot and a Nobel laureate who ultimately is a coward and self-serving politician like the best of them. I am of course talking about Aung San Suu Kyi, the Burmese politician and the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.

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