December is the cruellest month

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December has become our cruellest month as we lurch towards an absurd collective destiny. What the managers of Bangladesh have created is both tragic and pathetic as the role of political parties seems to be as much about holding elections as it is about sheltering criminals.

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December 1971 memories

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During the last one week, I was in Kolkata looking up old friends who worked with me in 1971. They were part of an amazing team which ran OXFAM’s large refugee relief operation which assisted about 600,000 men

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The day closest to my heart

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I am writing this piece for our Victory day. By the time it gets published, it will either be the day we won our victory or the day have had come and gone by. But does it really matter? This day still holds the same place in our hearts as it used to 39 years… Read more »

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