Flagrant violation of human rights

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Human rights issues may be despised terms to some prejudiced sections of the society or even to some despicable sovereign states of the world, but human rights epitomises

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A violent Ramadan in Syria

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Self-restraint and God-consciousness are the essence of fasting for Muslims in Ramadan, a month in which thirst and hunger can become a source of salvation for the believer. As one of the five pillars of Islam, fasting is mandatory for the rich and the poor, the young and the old, the ruler and the ruled.

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The same story of the same face

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There are many ways to kill a woman. Physical torture is only one of them. Frankly, a gaze may shame a woman to death; a rape may seal her doomed life; a social sensitivity may scar her forever. Women are one of the easiest commodities in the market of abuse. It is easy to trade… Read more »

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Whose face are we saving?

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The year was 1983. I was 9. In those days, colour TV was a rare commodity in Dhaka. We didn’t have it. But our neighbours next door, a middle-aged couple with a young girl, did. Luckily when we were at the roof, right by the water tank, we could hide and still get a direct… Read more »

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