Don’t fear the robots; they won’t kill jobs

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Rogue One, the latest in the Star Wars franchise, has had mixed reviews but features one undisputed star: K-2SO, a gangly robot with the best lines. Movies of the distant future always tap into current anxieties – and the latest alarm is that the robots are coming. Droids may not conquer the world, but they… Read more »

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Safer Internet: Let’s kick off the conversation

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When we talk about technology and crime, or technological crime, we probably refer to crimes using new technologies, that is information and communication technologies (ICTs). It is very difficult to define, as new technologies continue to emerge and the examples become redundant. In some cities in some countries, burglary is a forgotten thing, thanks to… Read more »

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A new world

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Regardless of how one feels personally about the widespread impact of technology, it is hard to deny that technology is changing our lifestyle and our perception

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The Google story

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I doubt that there are too many people in the world today who are not aware of the success story of Google. It is truly surprising how a service

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