Follow-up: The Kashmir analogy

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This follows on Syed Badrul Ahsan’s wonderful piece “Hannan Shah’s Kashmir analogy”. Ahsan has used a fine toothcomb to scan Hannan Shah’s Kashmir analogy and, in the process, set the historical record straight. I don’t plan to do a repeat, but cannot resist the temptation to discuss why the Bengali struggle for independence succeeded and… Read more »

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India’s minority problem is everywhere in South Asia

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India’s minorities, particularly the Muslims, are facing tough times. The matter has received great attention for the anti-beef agitation mounted by a section of Indians from the majority Hindu community, anti-intercommunal marriages – Love Jihad et cetera – and aggressive doubting of Muslim loyalty to India. In this hostile environment, the concerns expressed by high… Read more »

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Assam faces the threat of Maoist insurgency

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The growing activities of the Maoists in key North Eastern state Assam, which goes to polls early next year, are a matter of serious concern for the government and security establishment. Amid waning of United Liberation Front of Asom’s (ULFA) influence, the CPI (Maoist) is trying to gain a foothold in the state. This constitutes… Read more »

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Bucking stagnation elsewhere, the quiet rise of South Asia

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South Asia has long been seen as an economic laggard, but that could start changing. At a time when growth is falling sharply in most other emerging nations, as commodity prices collapse and global trade slows, South Asia has proved relatively resilient. Together, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Pakistan are now growing at an average… Read more »

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The glory and the agony

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Sometime at the end of July 1975, Tajuddin Ahmad came by ominous news. Elements in the army were busy conspiring to remove the government of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Worse, they planned to assassinate the Father of the Nation. Tajuddin, at that point outside government, having resigned in October of the previous year, rushed to… Read more »

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