Magic halo of opinions

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Folklore has it that to settle an argument with a friend that children would like to read about, the Australian artist Norman Lindsay produced a children’s illustrated book, The Magic Pudding, with food and fighting rather than fairies. Now a term widely known and used, the title refers to a pudding that, no matter how… Read more »

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Disability In Bangladesh: Silence on the issue

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Disability in Bangladesh is discussed but an ignored topic. People in wheelchairs are usually taken for granted, mostly pitied. The elderly do not get the help they should when they do become disabled; the young are ridiculed and scapegoated when they should be assisted and taken care of. The disabled are perceived as useless, and… Read more »

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Marriage in the days of ISIS and SCOTUS

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“The arc of moral universe is long but it bends towards justice” is an immortal quote from Martin Luther King, Jr. That Arc finally bent towards justice when the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) made Gay Marriage the Law of the land.  The Christian Right (I am also sure religious fundamentalists of all… Read more »

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