The Economist story: A simple insult or a warning?

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The Economist of London ran a story in which it said that the Awami League won the last election with the help of Indian advice and bags of cash. Unless there is smoking gun evidence against the allegation, this story will be considered one of the bottom points of journalism anywhere.

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The world didn’t stand still…

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On Saturday, May 21, I spent the last day on earth as I spend so many of my days. I was stuck in traffic. I was driving to a party for my niece. The Last Day on Earth was full of springtime flowers, temperatures that favoured a nice swim, but not so hot as to… Read more »

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The mystique of PM’s son

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In early 2009, only days after the Awami League-led alliance returned to power with a thumping majority, a Bangladeshi lobby group organised a seminar in collaboration with Johns Hopkins’s University’s South Asia division here in Washington. I covered the seminar not so much for its title “Future challenges for Bangladesh”, but mostly out of interest… Read more »

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From Wikileaks to Hillaryleak

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On 28 November 2010, website Wikileaks and its five international associates, namely, The New York Times, The Guardian, EI Pais, Der Spiegel and Le Monde, began to publish serially “Secret US Diplomatic Cables”. Worldwide repercussions followed and world politics looked a bit different. The US government was embarrassed. Information published by Wikileaks were considered to… Read more »

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Lie u ten ant

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On 13 November 2010, the opposition leader Khaleda Zia accused the government of ‘forcefully and disgracefully evicting her’ from her cantonment residence. Ironically the same day, some Awami League leaders thanked her for ‘upholding the rule of law’ by vacating the house ‘willingly’. In the press briefing, the lamenting opposition leader said, “I feel harassed,… Read more »

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