In fear we live, in fear we breathe

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Contrary to Nietzsche who had once complained that the world had lost its charm, as people did not fear enough, today, we think otherwise. Today, we have too many fearful photographs in the media to be charmed by…

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Rumana abuse, domestic violence and the male perspective

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The act of violence on Rumana Monzur by her husband Hassan Syed who tried to gouge her eyes out and tear her lips has aroused both rage and disgust. Bangladeshis all over the world have condemned the act. Some are contemplating actions to help such victims in future. The accused husband, after he was caught… Read more »

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The same story of the same face

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There are many ways to kill a woman. Physical torture is only one of them. Frankly, a gaze may shame a woman to death; a rape may seal her doomed life; a social sensitivity may scar her forever. Women are one of the easiest commodities in the market of abuse. It is easy to trade… Read more »

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Whose face are we saving?

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The year was 1983. I was 9. In those days, colour TV was a rare commodity in Dhaka. We didn’t have it. But our neighbours next door, a middle-aged couple with a young girl, did. Luckily when we were at the roof, right by the water tank, we could hide and still get a direct… Read more »

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