Assam’s Great Minority Hype

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Indira Gandhi was a brave leader, much more so than the men who have become India’s prime ministers after her. She could not only hold her nerve even in the most tension-filled days in 1971, but also expose herself to physical dangers as few can. Contrast that to the 1999 Kandahar Crisis and the abject… Read more »

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Saudi Arabia and Iran are playing a winner-take-all game

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Saudi Arabia’s execution on Jan. 2 of an outspoken Shi’ite cleric who called for the overthrow of the Saudi royal family triggered international condemnation and set off protests throughout the Middle East. Demonstrators stormed the Saudi embassy in Tehran and set the building on fire. Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, ratcheted up the rhetoric,… Read more »

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Merry Christmas everyone

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In this day and age, when the last thing on a person’s mind is goodwill towards others, it’s all the more important to wish everyone a good cheer. There are religious connotations to Christmas, but there are more inter-faith and inter- community elements in all such events. As we struggle to be reasonable, accommodating, and… Read more »

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Freedom of speech doesn’t include your right to offend another’s faith

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At no time in history was offending another faith part of any concept of freedom. Offending was part of a wider conflict to destroy another religion, culture, or faith. The medieval world of invading and conquering armies knew that most faith structures held societies together. It was therefore essential to attack culture through both words… Read more »

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No Eid if you don’t see the moon!

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Most South Asian Muslims celebrate their most important religious festivals – Eid ul-Fitr and Eid ul-Adha – one or two days after the whole world celebrates them. The Muslims in a South Indian state in the recent past celebrated Eid ul-Fitr on three different days in a row, as there was no consensus on the sighting of the… Read more »

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We will build 200 mosques in Germany, Inshallah!

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A fully dressed three year old boy’s lifeless body gently sways in the waves of a Turkish beach, thousands of people fight their way into Germany and other inhospitable European countries from the battlefields of Greater Arabia, young pretty and virulently racist women kick men cradling babies, ultra-right wing people and police throw rocks and… Read more »

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