Rohingyas: No easy answer

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Public opinion in Bangladesh, at least the liberal segment of it, has become inflamed by a single, powerful image of the Rohingya refugee crisis: a Rohingya man begging for shelter with clasped hands

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Denying Rohingyas: Not in our name

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The image of a Rohingya man pleading to be allowed into Bangladesh from Myanmar with folded hands and a weeping face says it all. But what the image doesn’t say is that the family was refused entry and they moved on to another destination, most probably the one they were trying to escape.

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A genocide and refugees: Ripples in the pond

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Ever since the 1971 war, Pakistan has officially denied the accusation of genocide that is at the centre of Bangladesh’s historiography. Pakistani scholars, politicians and columnists often describe the 1971 killings as a ‘disaster’ (Abdul Sattar, 2007)

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