Greek tragedy no longer a myth

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Greek tragedy may have evolved, as Aristotle put it, from the “song for the sacrifice of the goat”, depicting the ancient rites and myths of the 5th century BC. But now that mythical tragedy is taking on a whole new meaning. Greece might have invented democracy, produced the subtleties of logical deduction, and mastered the… Read more »

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Mr. Spineless vs. Dr. Strangelove

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It was a brilliant sunny afternoon in Denver, Colorado. The preachers and the evangelicals prayed for days for rain and thunder but there it was, a flawless late summer day. Maybe the “Christian mullahs” lost their direct line to the Almighty.

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Prepare for a different financial landscape

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With the European crisis continuing to dominate the news, many people now realise that today’s global economy faces an unusually uncertain outlook. Indeed, Europe’s turmoil is but one of the multiple global re-alignments in play today.

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What Berlusconi leaves behind

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He called himself the best leader in Europe, even in the world: but he was, by quite a way, the worst (in Europe at least: the rest of the world offers more competition). In part, this was due to the sheer force of his personality:

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Anti-capitalist protest in 951 centres of capitalism

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1. Started in the heart of world capitalism — Wall Street of USA. The main slogan was “Occupy Wall Street”. 2. Three major issues: Corruption, Inequality and Unemployment. Perhaps another major issue is bailing out the corrupt MNCs and reducing social consumption of the poor!

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