A racist, an illiterate, and a member of parliament

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August 4, a hot and humid day in Boulder, Colorado. I got back from being dragged around the lake and hills by my dogs. As is my habit I clicked on bdnews24.com. What should I see; a picture of a fat man in a moustache, skullcap, and Nehru Coat saying Africans are uncivilised savages! More… Read more »

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Race and longing

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Over a century since Kipling’s penned words, the white man’s burden, remains ceaseless and eternal, coagulated by time and ideology.

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Second-class and no-class citizens, Bengali and such musings!

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“Haramzada Bengoli”, screamed the fat guy to a rickshaw-puller near Bandar Bazar, Sylhet. This was in November 2010. But I digress. Let me get to the scream in a minute. I wrote an opinion piece in bdnews24.com in October 2011 titled, “Not my Father’s Islam”. It generated fair amount of controversy and lots of rather… Read more »

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