“Street level bureaucracy” and corruption

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A ‘missing link’ in our saga of corruption is the role played by our bureaucrats especially “street level bureaucrats”. The term “Street Level Bureaucrat” is used by Michael Lipsky, a renowned professor of social policy at Georgetown University (USA).

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Nukes in town: Be prepared for all hell to break loose

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*The government of Bangladesh has promised us a safe and risk-free nuke in our backyard. *The Ruppoor nuclear power plant is designed to add a minimum of 1000 MW electricity to the national grid. *It will be strong enough to handle a 10 Richter scale earthquake.

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Power crisis — some facts and figures

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While our politics is consumed by petty personal vendetta, the electricity crisis continues to pose as the biggest risk to our economy.  How did we get here? And what is the government doing about it? Let’s explore these questions with some numbers.

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