Lifting the floor

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Amidst the jubilation over higher dairy prices that are boosting our flagging economy, spare a thought for those who are suffering. It has been a bad year for the 44 million people in poor countries who slipped into hunger since the surge of food prices in June 2010.

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NGOs: whose babies and for whom?

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Globalisation is an ancient and shifting free-market paradigm predating since even 1492. The basic tenet of this paradigm is to promote global free trade, perceived as a rising tide raising all boats. This is an economic prescription that one size fits all. They seem too good to be true.

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Nurturing ‘a beautiful tree’

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“The Beautiful Tree” is a book that lays bare the bankruptcy of Western ideas about free primary education in developing countries. Written by British educator James Tooley and supported by data from the field, it shows how the poor of the world are taking charge of their educational destiny, and how foreign money and governmental… Read more »

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