Media and the Police have a right to work without fear

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A functioning parliament, an independent judiciary, reasonable law and order, and a free media are things that people can’t accuse Pakistan and Bangladesh of having. However embarrassing it may sound to patriots, India has it more than us. Although we were all produced by the colonial regime, Pakistan and Bangladesh seem to have become the… Read more »

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Niladri and Rajon: What connects the child-killers and blogger-killers?

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Several headlines of gruesome killing of individuals for one reason or another have recently surfaced in Bangladesh drawing both national attention and disgust. People are astonished that right here, in the middle of “gentle and kind” Bangladeshis, so many have lurked around with murder on their mind. But to those who look at their homeland… Read more »

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Talk, talk, talk, do nothing, shift blame

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I started this article to write about all the talking that the Prime Minister, The Home Minister and all the mini ministers have been doing about catching the murderers who have killed four talented bloggers and writers. They simply talk, talk, and talk. I assumed the talk is just a way to hide the incompetence… Read more »

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