The guns of Bretton Woods

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Joseph Kony is the leader of Uganda’s Lord’s Resistance Army and is the person responsible for creating the 100,000 strong army of enslaved child soldiers, many of whose parents Kony killed to force the children work for him.

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Padma: Not just the bridge we tend to think

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Talking about Padma the other day a colleague of mine, an elderly and an erudite one, came up with an utterly new piece of analysis. Try as I did to disagree, I must thank him for the ingenuity with which he was able to firm up his analysis.

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Yes we are corrupt; live with it!

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The Padma River Bridge funding debacle has taken place… and… um… to no one’s great surprise! OK, the ministers and the officialdom are surprised, shocked and dismayed! The bellyaching has begun in earnest.

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