The lesson of Fukushima

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The first anniversary of Japan’s nuclear disaster is a good time to take stock. Opponents and proponents of nuclear power are doing so, and they have come to the same conclusion: “We were right all along.”

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Nuclear power is not the way forward

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The tragedy of Fukushima has led to a flurry of activity in Germany: Within days, the coalition government of conservatives and liberals, known for its pro nuclear stance, temporarily shut down seven nuclear power plants and this past weekend hundreds of thousands of Germans took to the streets, demanding that all nuclear power plants be… Read more »

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Fukushima explosion

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Citizens of Bangladesh are concerned about the consequences of the post earthquake accident at Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant in Japan. The reasons are only justified because ‘fear of the unknown’ can add to worries, especially when these relate to health. Rumour and gossip are now floating around to such a degree that is disquieting for… Read more »

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