The moral off switch

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I remember the exact instant I realised that my morality had an “off” switch. I was an administrator at a night school, which was in a dangerous neighbourhood. I stepped outside to take my break and enjoy the evening air. As I leaned against a wall, a man in his 30s approached me, and demanded… Read more »

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Nesbo’s Norway

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An extremist decides that multiculturalism is diluting Norway’s “pure” race and undermining its Christian character and so goes on a rampage. He belongs to a small group of fascists who cannot escape from the prison of Norway’s past and wreaks vengeance on those he considers responsible for selling his country’s soul to the unwashed hordes… Read more »

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A Two Day Visa

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They sing in harmony. Rhythmic tunes with simple lyrics. The lilting songs and the dance-like-footsteps have a deceptive beauty. The metal sheets balanced on their shoulders may weigh tons. Bare feet on slippery clay weaving through scrap metal, is dangerous at the best of times. In pouring rain, and with the loads they carry, the… Read more »

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