Microcredit doesn’t work – it’s now official

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The concept of microcredit — tiny microloans used to help establish or expand income-generating informal microenterprises — was for most of the last 30 years seen by the international development community to be the perfect self-help answer to poverty, unemployment and under-development.

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Microcredit in Bangladesh: half full or half empty?

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Group-based microlending is not a new concept. Jonathan Swift inspired it in Ireland in 18th century. In the then East Bengal, Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore (also a landlord) and Leonard Elmhirst (an agricultural economist) set up Rural Reconstruction Institute in 1921

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A piglet went to market

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A piglet’s journey to market in October, 2010 helped expose the other face of microfinance that promised to make poverty archaic. A bdnews24.com/Reuters news report, datelined Vladivostok, Oct. 15, said: The seven-month old piglet’s journey to holy market was to pay off a woman’s micro debt of $432 to a bank in Russia, part of… Read more »

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