Fair and dubious

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I love coming to Bangladesh. After going through the long lines at the airport and the chaos at the luggage claim, I feel a sense of attachment that only a country you grew up in can provide

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Oishee: The innocent killer?

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The gruesome murder of Oishee’s parents in which Oishee was allegedly involved has shocked us all. It is not just another murder, nor even of the double murder

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It’s all about lungi

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We were preoccupied with the future of our country. The media was awash with the news of demonstrations between the fundamentalist right and the secular forces.

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Not Bengali, but love lungi

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My grandmother’s house in rural Australia was like a train station.  The screen door, unlocked in the early days, was a wasted effort in that it could hardly keep the summer flies out from all the people coming in and going out.

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Of worship and fandom

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Age is like a superstorm, and life is a floodplain. Here on the Jersey shore, the grounded boats, the boardwalks that look like torn stitching invoke nostalgia. We really didn’t have any idea how nice everything was until it was gone.

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