Criminalising Holocaust Denial in 1971

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‘The Holocaust’ is one of the most disparaging words that emerged during the Second World War, where the German Nazis killed Jews brutally and systematically. However, when one removes the article ‘The’ and generally uses the word ‘Holocaust’, we go back to the literal meaning as per the Oxford Dictionary. ‘Holocaust’ means ‘an occasion of… Read more »

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No tears for thousands of other Rajans

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#OPINION: Syed Ashraf falls, as Tajuddin Ahmad fell “One of the few decent men in politics today leaves government under a cloud that ought not to be there.” Social media is in a state of froth about the beating to death of 10 year old Rajan at the hands of callous murderers. The Minister… Read more »

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Down memory lane: The devils of 1971

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The Bangladesh flag is a symbol of what Bangladeshis treasure; it represents the values we cherish beyond measure. Our flag flies high for freedom, bravery, the courage to fight, and sacrifice of one’s life for a just cause. The Bangladesh flag is an icon representing the Bangladeshi way.

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