Sweden, US, Europe … Is the rise of another Hitler impossible?

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Passengers among them migrants and refugees, exit the German ferry terminal in Goteborg

A recent new that has shocked millions everywhere is one about a group of racist Swedes marching through a public area and beating up anyone who looked non-European. It’s so shocking to most because most people thought that Sweden was perfect and something as horrible as “racism” was something that never happened there. If anything,… Read more »

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The moderate Muslim

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The YouTube was recently made re-accessible and I downloaded a couple of songs — one old and one new, because I enjoy both, then the Gangnam style phenomenon

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alif for Allah, bay for Bondook!

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A few days ago, I was watching PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) Newshour broadcast. Those of you who are not familiar with PBS in America, it is like the old BBC before the days of privatisation fervour.

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