Assam’s Great Minority Hype

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Indira Gandhi was a brave leader, much more so than the men who have become India’s prime ministers after her. She could not only hold her nerve even in the most tension-filled days in 1971, but also expose herself to physical dangers as few can. Contrast that to the 1999 Kandahar Crisis and the abject… Read more »

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Bangladesh repays a debt

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The occasion is momentous. We are honouring a friend who played the most critical role amongst all our foreign friends in our nation’s journey to Statehood. Smt. Indira Gandhi changed the course of events in the fateful months of 1971 and, with the support she gave to our embattled people, the People’s Republic of Bangladesh… Read more »

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Bangladesh honours Indira Gandhi’s 1971 war

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The decision to award Indira Gandhi, PM of India in 1971 is a very positive one. It recognises her role as an ally in Bangladesh’s war of independence. The award not only recognises her role in that critical year but also recognises the close proximity of two histories, Indian and Bangladeshi.

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