“See, I don’t have any money …”

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BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Sounds of cannon shots. I thought the war was over. But what was going on outside? I ran out of my room, one that I shared with Bhaia, and straight to my mother. “What’s happening, Amma? Isn’t the war over? Where is Abbu?” “It’s a 21-gun salute. For your birthday,” she said…. Read more »

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Memories of 1971, of a war

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File Photo

Soon after the historic election of December 7, 1970, I along with three of my classmates from Rajshahi Cadet College (RCC), went to Lahore to study there on “Inter-Wing Scholarships.” Historically, Lahore was the epicentre of politics in Pakistan. A prestigious academic institution, Lahore Government College was the seat of higher education for many sons… Read more »

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History 1971: One event, several histories

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Freedom Fighters

Most people, perhaps everyone, was affected by the events of the Liberation War in one way or another. But the process of recollection and remembering has been rather limited in scope and inclusion. There is a gap between what happened and what we think happened, collectively, individually or nationally. This has happened perhaps inevitably because our… Read more »

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Remembering March 1971 and all that followed

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Oxfam Calcutta 1971

The month of March is here again and it brings back vivid memories to me which are linked automatically with many others. In March 1971, I was working on an Oxfam-UK supported Gandhian village development project in Bihar, India, where I had been for almost 3 years. Through the BBC and some sketchy Indian newspaper… Read more »

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March 1971 and the Bengali struggle

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Darkness had descended. It was the end of a phase and the beginning of another. The terse, grim words went out, ‘Big bird in the cage. Little birds have flown.’ It was from a Pakistan army officer to his superiors in Dhaka cantonment. It was about the arrest of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman in the… Read more »

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