Flagrant violation of human rights

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Human rights issues may be despised terms to some prejudiced sections of the society or even to some despicable sovereign states of the world, but human rights epitomises

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Technology and social justice

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Powerlessness. It’s a terrible feeling. Sometimes I look at my own house and wonder what the secret is to maintaining order and keeping things clean. Sometimes I want to pack everything away and live in a blank space, preferably with padded walls and kind attendants to bring me trays of gelatine and small tins of… Read more »

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Ahmad and the unskilled labour market

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I was returning to Washington from a whirlwind trip to Bangladesh. When I boarded the plane in Dhaka, I found myself sitting next to Ahmad, a 23-year lad from a little village called Nalakhala in Faridpur. He came to Dhaka a few days ago for his trip and stayed with his sister in Kalyanpur, where… Read more »

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Amar Sonar Bangla – real or not so much?

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After a recent trip to Dhaka I am back in snowy Colorado. On a walk on snowshoes with my dogs, I was thinking about the changes I saw in Bangladesh. My mind was wondering to a faraway place, Dhaka to be exact. I saw or believe I saw dramatic shiftsin in the country’s core values… Read more »

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Middle East burns

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Middle East is in turmoil as repressive regimes finally face public accountability in the form of massive public protests. Some of these corrupt governments are also violently fighting back as in Libya and Bahrain. It is a shock to see that the entire Middle East, heart of the so-called “Muslim Ummah’’ is made up of… Read more »

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