A Green New Deal revisited!

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Back in 2007, I wrote a column calling for a “Green New Deal,” and I later expanded on the idea in a book, “Hot, Flat and Crowded.” Barack Obama picked up the theme and made a Green New Deal part of his 2008 platform, but the idea just never took off. So I’m excited that… Read more »

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Sundarbans: A universe unto itself

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In describing the Sundarbans, Amitav Ghosh, an internationally acclaimed writer wrote in his novel, The Hungry Tide: ‘A mangrove forest is utterly unlike other woodlands or jungles. There are no towering, vine-looped trees, no ferns, no wildflowers, no chattering monkeys or cockatoos. Mangrove leaves are tough and leathery, the branches gnarled and the foliage often… Read more »

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Quantifying disaster

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Reports speak about trends in the world, and use large numbers. These numbers seem to operate as a shield against our notions of humanity. People argue over numbers, I mean, would Hitler have been less of a monster if he’d have killed three million Jews? 1.5 million?

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Nuclear power is not the way forward

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The tragedy of Fukushima has led to a flurry of activity in Germany: Within days, the coalition government of conservatives and liberals, known for its pro nuclear stance, temporarily shut down seven nuclear power plants and this past weekend hundreds of thousands of Germans took to the streets, demanding that all nuclear power plants be… Read more »

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