Election, what election?

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Bangladesh is now going through a perverse electoral process that may be termed without doubt a pure farcical election. Nowhere, in the whole world, an election similar to this under the pretext

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The choice before you

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At this point in time, with the 10th Parliamentary elections upon us, we are all painfully aware of the reasons for the Opposition’s boycott and their demands.

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The core of the matter

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The stage is set. The actors are in motion and the audience is resigned to the fact that their verdict will not matter when the play finally ends.

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Back to square one?

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For nearly 48 hours, at least some people lived with hope that the political impasse would end and a peaceful run up to the elections was possible. Prime minister Sheikh Hasina had made an offer of an all-party government to supervise

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Not for the faint hearted

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Perhaps to preserve a true larrikin trait Australians are often light-hearted about serious matters. Nothing captures this more exactly than when it comes to their involvement in politics and the affairs of those in power.

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Keeping the conflict alive

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With the Election Commission voluntarily relinquishing its power to cancel candidature upon violation of electoral code of conduct during the polls

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