Where have all the flowers gone?

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‘Where have all the flowers gone?’ as the revolutionary folksong legend Pete Seeger used to sing creating unwarily stirring impact on the youth’s mind to make them dream for a better world to live in, and while marching toward that end he exploded with passion, ‘We shall overcome.’ He died but left his deep resonant… Read more »

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Denormalising minority violence

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Enough is enough! It is a great shame for us, as a nation, to see how hundreds of our minority siblings fled with terror their homes in post-poll violence.

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A modest proposal

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There is no doubt that the country is divided in the middle. We can argue endlessly about the root cause of this divide and why there has been no consensus on vital national questions or issues.

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Can Bangladesh survive this election?

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The 2014 election may well be the most significant elections we have ever had in Bangladesh. It didn’t look or feel much like an election with paltry voter turnouts, violence in several centres and chalking up

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