The missing ‘quality’ in our universities

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Be it a tête-à-tête at a tea-table or a serious round table among intellectuals, any discussion on our higher education gets transformed into an inexplicable debate on public versus private universities. In most cases, it is the customary perception that steals the show: public universities symbolizing ‘quality’ with ‘standard education and environment’ while private universities… Read more »

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VAT on education: It’s not on

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When the World Bank withdrew its proposed funding of $1.2 billion for the construction of Padma Bridge alleging ‘corruption conspiracy’ at the high levels of government, the latter responded by promising people that the bridge would be built with internal resources. Some journalists asked me at that time if this was possible. It apparently did… Read more »

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Education: Insouciance of hope

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On an ordinary school night in year eight, I was trying to memorise a leave-of-absence application in English prewritten by my private tutor. A senior cousin, also educated in my home town, albeit in a private English-medium school, was on a visit from the US. He asked, “Who wrote this for you?” “My sir,” I… Read more »

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SUST: Comic opera, tragedy, farce, or a serial?

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All kinds of blame are being thrown around and several students have also been suspended, expelled, shamed, sympathised with for attacking a group of protesting teachers, but the situation at SUST is rapidly becoming the stuff of theatre, even if the genre is uncertain. What began as an internal fight between two groups of teachers… Read more »

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A racist, an illiterate, and a member of parliament

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August 4, a hot and humid day in Boulder, Colorado. I got back from being dragged around the lake and hills by my dogs. As is my habit I clicked on What should I see; a picture of a fat man in a moustache, skullcap, and Nehru Coat saying Africans are uncivilised savages! More… Read more »

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