Bucking stagnation elsewhere, the quiet rise of South Asia

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South Asia has long been seen as an economic laggard, but that could start changing. At a time when growth is falling sharply in most other emerging nations, as commodity prices collapse and global trade slows, South Asia has proved relatively resilient. Together, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Pakistan are now growing at an average… Read more »

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Greek tragedy no longer a myth

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Greek tragedy may have evolved, as Aristotle put it, from the “song for the sacrifice of the goat”, depicting the ancient rites and myths of the 5th century BC. But now that mythical tragedy is taking on a whole new meaning. Greece might have invented democracy, produced the subtleties of logical deduction, and mastered the… Read more »

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Mr. Muhith’s budget: Spending out of the rut

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Mr. AMA Muhith has secured his place in history. For a seventh year in a row, the finance minister has performed the ritual of placing Bangladesh’s national budget – a feat no other predecessor of the octogenarian politician could achieve. During this long period he has raised the budget expenditure from BDT 1016 billion (actual)… Read more »

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