Don’t fear the robots; they won’t kill jobs

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A humanoid Urobot by Xiao Yanlin greets visitors at WRC 2016 World Robot Conference in Beijing, China, October 21, 2016. Reuters

Rogue One, the latest in the Star Wars franchise, has had mixed reviews but features one undisputed star: K-2SO, a gangly robot with the best lines. Movies of the distant future always tap into current anxieties – and the latest alarm is that the robots are coming. Droids may not conquer the world, but they… Read more »

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Illicit transfer of funds and the rate of investment

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It is perplexing why the perception of the business community regarding the quantum of investment is different from the information provided by the government. Leading figures of the business community in industry, trade and finance seem to agree that business investment has become moribund during the last few years. But government statistics record a sustained… Read more »

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Accumulation of foreign reserves: What good is it?

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Bangladesh Bank

Bangladesh is one of the few countries which can brag about growing its foreign reserves. At the close of 2015, the accumulated foreign currency reserves hit a record high of $27.49 billion – sufficient to cover seven months of imports. It is a tremendous confidence booster for a country which was described pejoratively as a “basket case”,… Read more »

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Export diversification: Not yet

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The modest export basket of Bangladesh during its early years was extremely concentrated. Only two products, viz. raw jute and jute goods, accounted for nearly 85 percent of the total export (see Table 1). The concentration declined gradually to 63 percent by 1981-82 when readymade garments (RMG) made its appearance. Since then the share of… Read more »

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GSP: So near, yet so far

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The outcome of the recent visit to Dhaka by the Assistant US Trade Representative Mr. Michael Delaney was a disappointment for the Government, especially the Ministry of Commerce. Given the mood and direction of US policy, the outcome should not have been surprising. Mr. Delaney simply restated the US position that there would be no… Read more »

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