Earthquakes are bad, not being properly prepared is worse

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Nine people were killed in the Indian North-east where the earthquake of   4th January had its epicenter. More than a hundred were injured. Many parts of India were affected and so was Bangladesh. However, in Dhaka alone 15 people died as a result of panic and anxiety related to the earthquake. There is no definite… Read more »

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What if an 8.2-magnitude earthquake hits Dhaka?

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The runway of Dhaka’s international airport was torn asunder along the axis. The damage forced all international flights — carrying emergency medical supplies, food, temporary shelters, and heavy-duty rescue machines — to divert to Chittagong and Sylhet.

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All it takes is two minutes…

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The couch shook, and we ran outside. However it went on and on, reportedly for two whole minutes and yet seemed like forever. Caught in the upper levels of an apartment building, we got the feel of the swaying even more.

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Fukushima explosion

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Citizens of Bangladesh are concerned about the consequences of the post earthquake accident at Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant in Japan. The reasons are only justified because ‘fear of the unknown’ can add to worries, especially when these relate to health. Rumour and gossip are now floating around to such a degree that is disquieting for… Read more »

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