Top eight (stupid) awards 2011

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Every year many organisations and media outlets give awards for great achievements. So we have given ours too. Here they are and not at all in the order of importance. Please feel free to add. This award is based on performance of year 2011 only.

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A make-believe crisis in the stock market

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A number of newspapers recently reported that in the past few days, nationalised commercial banks and financial institutions have been actively buying in the stock market in order to “bring normalcy” to the market.

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Rot in the stock market

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The rot started many months ago; on Sunday the market finally started crumbling. Between Sunday and Monday, Bangladesh stock market lost more than 15 percent. For a small economy, a loss of wealth of almost $7.5 billion, even on paper, is remarkable. Given the fact that many small investors flocked to the market lured by… Read more »

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