From real to reel – life goes to the movies

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In 2006, Bangladesh found itself in the international media spotlight, for all the right reasons. One of its well-known citizens, Muhammad Yunus, an economist and one-time professor of the subject, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his work, which also shared the honour: the Grameen Bank, an institution that provides small loans to people… Read more »

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Are Robert Blake’s warning and Amini’s hartal mere coincidence?

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What could have had gone so wrong that only two years into the incumbency, the government is drawing flaks from the Western allies? At least, Robert O. Blake’s repeated warning of dire consequences on bilateral relationship between Washington and Dhaka and international media blitz against the government for ousting Yunus from the helm of Grameen… Read more »

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Yunusgate: If you can’t convince, create confusion

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Dubbed the messiah of microcredit, Dr. Yunus has been (perhaps wrongly) credited with a unique innovation in banking; i.e. banking for the poor. He has received numerous awards including the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006. Hailed as the saviour of the poor and the pioneer of rural women empowerment, the praise and adulation that Yunus… Read more »

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This piece is not about whether Grameen Bank’s management practices have been lawful or not, nor is it about idolising Muhammad Yunus as the saviour of the poor. Instead, this piece is simply about the way the Government of Bangladesh is handling the status of Grameen’s founder (and his perceived threat for the ruling party)…. Read more »

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Us and them

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In diplomacy, in business, even in philanthropy, people will attempt to gain an advantage whenever they deal with “others”. Therefore, in studying the motivations of individuals and institutions, the pivotal question is: “When a person says us, to whom does s/he refer?” We gather information on our friends, and we secretly share it with other… Read more »

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