An open letter to Mayor Annis on clearing footpaths

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Dear Mayor Annis,   You are a well known man and also a powerful political and administrative person. In a meeting with Editors, you have promised to clean up the footpaths by which you mean you won’t let hawkers and other members of the informal and poor class use it for several purposes including to… Read more »

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No beli flowers in Dhaka

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Dhaka is no more a city, not even a town. And a metropolis it certainly is not. If not long ago we were telling ourselves it was a dying city, today we have little hesitation in saying that it is in a state of the comatose. Rare is a capital city anywhere in the world… Read more »

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Eid in Dhaka, a city I love

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Ramadan is over, and Eid-ul-Fitr is here again. Among all holidays, I think this might be the best. It involves feasting in new clothes, which of course is to be relished.

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