Updating a picture

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In the interest of truth in advertising, it’s time for a new author pic. I remember my first author photograph, taken in 1987 by a man named Ernesto Monteavaro. To be photographed by Monteavaro was a great honour, since he’d been the official photographer of the great Argentinean writer Jorge Luis Borges.

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Noor Hossain: Resting or turning in his grave?

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Marium Bibi, Noor Hossain’s mother lost her son 24 years ago. In an interview with a local English daily, she had said: “It is hard for any mother to lose her son. But I have no sorrows…I am proud of Noor”

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Does Bangladesh need caretaker government any longer?

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Our long-cherished dream is to have competent and honest democratic governments in succession with smooth transition and transfer of power. To ensure the aforementioned, all the elections must be fair and impartial under a truly independent Election Commission (EC), composed of non-partisan, capable and bold individuals. The politicians must have a mindset to accept the… Read more »

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Parliament boycott: a political ritual

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Parliament is a sacred institution in a democratic state where the ideology, “Of the people, by the people and for the people” exists. With a legitimate parliament in effect, we, the people of Bangladesh always feel the need for an equitable representation of our voices. After all, the essence of democracy certainly lies with an even… Read more »

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