Nay to Hay?

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The recent Hay Festival in Dhaka was a rare treat in many ways. Meeting some of the South Asian literary luminaries was a delight as expected, but meeting the ‘protesters’ of the Dhaka Hay Festival added a dimension to my experience that I was not prepared for.

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Decoding Pahela Baishakh

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I was in Bangladesh on a whirlwind trip and left the day after Pahela Baishakh. Dhaka was on fire on the first day of the Bangla New Year. I crisscrossed the capital city with an anthropological interest in the people and their frenzied celebration of the day.

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Knowing thyself

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Muslim culture in India has a uniformity about it that even reaches into regions you might not expect it to. Friends of mine from Hyderabad, and deeper south have an Urdu cultural orientation that is present even as close to home as Bihar.

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The artificial leaf

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When dredging the news to write my article this week, I had bumper crop of items from which to choose: I could have written about the clash of Christian fundamentalism in The US vs. fundamentalism in Afghanistan. Certainly, this is a rich topic. That crazy preacher in Florida whose actions caused ripples that led to… Read more »

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On the question of globalisation

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There is an increasing demand for making this world smaller and of late, the buzz word ‘globalisation’ is becoming ever so popular. While I subscribe fully to the core idea of globalisation, I am tempted to further the discussion by referring to some of my personal observations.

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