Brought down to earth

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How does one wriggle out of this one? No, I wasn’t suggesting denial by us or the players. What does one write about this match? Was there a match? Even the much maligned Kenyans didn’t fare this badly. Whistle my way past deadline? The less said about this match the better? No, Sonia K, my… Read more »

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Opti-mystique Ash

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It was Muralidharan’s backyard, Colombo, September 2001 and Ashraful, just past 17 and making his Test debut, fares no better than his clueless team-mates who fail to crawl beyond 90 in the first innings after a typical terrorising spell of five for 13 by the greatest off-spinner of them all.

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Extraordinary win after batting debacle

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“I didn’t tell them anything but they all said we were going to win by 20 runs!” answered Shakib when Gavaskar asked him what words of wisdom and inspiration he had offered his boys before they went out to defend those 205 runs. This was an extremely valuable victory talk about snatching it from the… Read more »

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The secret world of American Cricket

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My life has changed, just at the periphery, but the change is palpable. It’s one of those butterfly-effect things. The energy levels have changed here, just the tiniest bit. When did this happen? What does it mean? I noticed the changes at about the same time website started posting The Countdown. Things have changed… Read more »

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Shakib, Team Bangladesh!

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Let us say what we really want to say — we want Shakib Al Hasan as our prime minister, maybe even as the Chief Justice and not to mention the Chief Collector of Customs too. Let’s face it, we have no record of our PMs delivering much but here is one man who has taken… Read more »

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