No apologies, please!

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It’s cricket season and crunch time, with the semi-finals showing who has the power to stay in the game and compete for the coveted World Cup. Bangladesh, unfortunately, crashed out some days ago, when South Africa beat the team quite comprehensively. As host of the opening game, the nation must have been devastated, but team… Read more »

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Sidhu, the overripe

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Botham had said the Tigers were ahead of the West Indies in the race for the quarterfinals. But Sidhu didn’t think so and said that both birds and cockroaches fly but cockroaches were not birds. Sure they are not. Birds they say are second hand evolving from dinosaurs and all that and that the other… Read more »

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The missing point

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So the Tigers got thrashed by South Africa on Saturday. But I am not going to write anything about it nor am I going to even think about its impact on Shakib Inc. Long time ago when Bangladesh won the ICC trophy, I painted my face. Half red, half green. And I roamed the streets… Read more »

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Sledging and Bangladesh cricket: out with Rabindranath?

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For a working stiff like me watching televised World Cup matches on weekdays is a no-no. Weekdays means office, and tracking the matches via live commentary from Cricinfo on the computer screen. So there I was on the 14th during the Bangladesh v Netherlands match, keeping an eye on the cricket when suddenly things got… Read more »

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Permission to err?

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In the wilderness of the icy Adirondacks, the creek is rising. Every two hours I bundle up and walk the half-kilometre driveway and check the water level. We are vacationing at the shared family getaway, a place without distractions like internet and cellphone reception. At the rate the river is rising, we have twenty hours… Read more »

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Tigers roared louder than lions

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As Bresnan’s final delivery of the day was cut through between the dazed point and extra cover fielders like cheese, we, the ones who did not desert our boys, who stood by them for the last 57 runs scored, just did not know how to react. A boy of hardly 19 ran to hug the… Read more »

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