Time to lookout for our ‘Imran Khan’

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I ended my last opinion piece with a wish that democracy would re-emerge and that there would be a way out of the perpetual impasse caused by two-party politics. You may be wondering how? And where would we find a messiah, who would help us to end our misfortune?

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Cricket and nationhood

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Bangladesh was only three runs away from a historic victory. If post-match reactions are any indication, the nation needed this glory. There have been too few soaring moments that could galvanize the whole nation

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Dear Tigers

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The Nation was drenched in faith on the 22nd of March. BBMs, MSN messenger, Facebook, Twitter, SMS and all the rest of the new media mode were buzzing. “So cloooooose”, “so happyyyyyy”

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Top eight (stupid) awards 2011

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Every year many organisations and media outlets give awards for great achievements. So we have given ours too. Here they are and not at all in the order of importance. Please feel free to add. This award is based on performance of year 2011 only.

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