The Blame Bank

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Adam started the blame agenda. In fact, he started the double-inclusive blame game when he responded to God: “The woman whom Thou gavest to be with me, she gave me of the tree, and I did eat.

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Padma credit line gone: Not the end of the world

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The World Bank’s (WB) scrapping of its credit line for the Padma multipurpose bridge — the country’s largest infrastructure project is bad news, though it was not totally unexpected as some people tend to make others believe so.

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No ‘Bridge’ over troubled waters?

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The World Bank’s refusal to fund the Padma Bridge construction on grounds of corruption is the proverbial shit hitting the fan. The World Bank says that it had asked for action on ‘corruption’ relating to this case

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Following the herd

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Bribery and corruption are hard to eradicate, they are as old as human history. In different shades, they exist everywhere. Human predisposition to temptation is recognised in all religions

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Suranjit’s unconventional “feat”

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“Suranjit resigns”, the title compelled me to go through the details of the phenomenon I was barely updated of. The media holocaust has offered me the experience once again what I call ‘the paroxysmal outburst of emotion’ i.e. adequate lack of ethical and social judgment.

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“Street level bureaucracy” and corruption

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A ‘missing link’ in our saga of corruption is the role played by our bureaucrats especially “street level bureaucrats”. The term “Street Level Bureaucrat” is used by Michael Lipsky, a renowned professor of social policy at Georgetown University (USA).

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