Welcoming Ban Ki-moon to Bangladesh: Loony musings

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When the UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon arrived in Dhaka on an official visit, his second to Bangladesh, he must have missed Bangladesh Tourism Board’s gallant advertisement “Smiling Indigenous Women of Bangladesh” in its shiny bright billboard at the international airport’s general lobby. The news stories on his arrival Sunday evening obviously did not highlight that… Read more »

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Adivasi land rights

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Like many countries in the developing world, Bangladesh too faces mounting pressure on its natural resources, including its lands and forests against the backdrop of a booming population. This pressure affects all Bangladeshis, but its implications are especially acute for the Adivasi communities around the country.

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“I ain’t indigenous” – reflection of a Bengali

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Once upon a time, the British called us ‘blacks’, and then later the Pakistani Army called us ‘inferior race.’ Time passes, it is 2011. As International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples approaches again this year, Bangladesh is stuck in a quicksand ditch trying to figure out ‘who’ the Adibashis or indigenous of our land… Read more »

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Of hippos and endangered indigenous denizens

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On 19 June 2011 a national English daily reported that our honourable State Minister for Environment and Forests, Dr Hasan Mahmud, is planning to introduce hippopotami, imported from Africa, into the Kaptai Lake area of Rangamati, in the semi-autonomous region of Chittagong Hill Tracts.

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No god, no refuge, no New Year for the indigenous of Bangladesh

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Water drenched, tropical sweat-soaked while celebrating Songkrant festival just north of Chiang Mai, Thailand, my phone started getting clogged with alarming news coming from the Chittagong Hill Tracts. Another arson attack, another settler versus indigenous clash and henceforth more deaths, another authority-backed violent incident in our country, another media outcry that doesn’t tell all the… Read more »

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