Oh why?

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“I send my son to watch a game with his friends, only to hear later that he has been killed in a freak accident”. It is what nightmares are made of, being enacted through 43 mothers in Mirsarai. It is going to trigger another heart wrenching round of soul-searching for parents who has lost their… Read more »

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Children of a lesser God

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On the 12th of July, Mirsarai upazila had thousands throng its grounds for prayers. On the 13th of July, all the educational institutions in the country are mourning for the dead, and for the rest of our lives, Bangladeshis will remember the tragedy with shame and regret.

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A Two Day Visa

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They sing in harmony. Rhythmic tunes with simple lyrics. The lilting songs and the dance-like-footsteps have a deceptive beauty. The metal sheets balanced on their shoulders may weigh tons. Bare feet on slippery clay weaving through scrap metal, is dangerous at the best of times. In pouring rain, and with the loads they carry, the… Read more »

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