An unlikely guest

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On the 10th of August, the former president of Bangladesh and chief of Jatiya Party H. M. Ershad went on a week-long visit to India responding to an invitation from its prime minister.

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In the Republic of In-Spite-Of…

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My parent’s generation is unique. In their lifetime, three different flags have represented their existence. First, it was the Union Jack, accompanied by the ‘God Save the King’

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Because it’s Democracy

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Thank you Dear Readers, for all your good wishes. I feel healthier, my son feels better, and if it pleases God, we will have no more trips to the Emergency Room this year. Prognosis for my own health: BETTER (As long as I pay attention).

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The world didn’t stand still…

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On Saturday, May 21, I spent the last day on earth as I spend so many of my days. I was stuck in traffic. I was driving to a party for my niece. The Last Day on Earth was full of springtime flowers, temperatures that favoured a nice swim, but not so hot as to… Read more »

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