Bollywoody movies in Dhaliwood theatres

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It is now court-validated and official that the Bangladeshi cinema halls can start screening Indian movies after a 40-year-old ban was lifted recently. For starters, there will be about twelve 12 movies screened per year.

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Shammi Kapoor: India’s very own Elvis

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Many years ago, when I was in graduate school in the United States, I saw my first Shammi Kapoor film. I was staying with an Indian friend and knew next to nothing about Hindi movies, stars or anything about the place called Bollywood that existed in and around my home city of Mumbai.

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Singing on the rain

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The monsoon has just revived in Mumbai after a few weeks of muggy weather and people are celebrating. Yes, there are problems with flooded roads, stalled trains, water logging, slugs and worms, fungus, damp clothes, smelly carpets and much more, but it is that time of year when the temperatures suddenly and pleasurably drop after… Read more »

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The problem with star gazing

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The media has been full of images of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan at the Cannes Film Festival. Her fashion statement has been discussed, debated and critiqued threadbare for many years now – ten, at least, since this is her tenth year at the event. And while one person said she got it right, another killed the… Read more »

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Screen playing

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The film biz in India spans almost every language that is officially recognised in the country. But, where public perception is concerned, there is one overwhelming influence that is the colour of all things filmi: Bollywood. A word coined by some enterprising wordsmith or journalist many years ago, one disliked by superstar Amitabh Bachchan and… Read more »

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