Ayub Khan, Louis Kahn . . . and Pakistan’s flag

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In the early 1960s, the self-styled Field Marshal Mohammad Ayub Khan had a brainwave. Dhaka, the capital of the province of East Pakistan, he decided in the infinity of his wisdom, needed to be reinvented as the Second Capital of Pakistan. He and his regime got in touch with the reputed American architect Louis I… Read more »

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The legacy of the Zia clan

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Some weeks ago, Begum Khaleda Zia publicly expressed her doubts about the number of Bengalis killed in the War of Liberation. A few days later, Goyeshwar Roy, one of her foremost loyalists in the Bangladesh Nationalist Party, enlightened us on the ‘foolish way’ in which the country’s intellectuals died at the hands of the Al-Badr… Read more »

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A grave issue…

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Some leading lights of the Bangladesh Nationalist Party are indignant at reports of a possible shifting of the remains of General Ziaur Rahman from the Jatiyo Sangsad complex. For its part, the government says it has come by an inventory of the original design for the complex as prepared by the American architect Louis I…. Read more »

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Does Bangladesh need mid-term elections?

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BNP has suddenly taken a new political turn. For the longest time they have been demanding a general election to be held under a neutral caretaker government. To force the government to accept their demand, they launched two movements before and after the January 5 election in association with Jamaat. They killed people indiscriminately throughout… Read more »

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