The glory and the agony

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Sometime at the end of July 1975, Tajuddin Ahmad came by ominous news. Elements in the army were busy conspiring to remove the government of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Worse, they planned to assassinate the Father of the Nation. Tajuddin, at that point outside government, having resigned in October of the previous year, rushed to… Read more »

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Trans Pacific Partnership and garment export

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Whenever any of our major trade partners contemplates a free trade agreement or special trade preferences for countries that are exporters of apparels, an alarm is raised that such an agreement would adversely impact the export of apparels from Bangladesh. There was considerable unease when EU granted GSP+ trade privileges to Sri Lanka in 2005… Read more »

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Domestic politics delays signing of the Teesta deal

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Despite achieving breakthroughs in several areas of India-Bangladesh relations during the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s historic June 6-7 visit to Dhaka, both the countries are yet to resolve the most contentious bilateral problem—the Teesta. It has emerged as an emotive issue in Bangladesh where political elites, foreign policy experts, media, and the public expect… Read more »

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Cricket victories reflect larger resurgence of Bangladesh

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Bangladesh’s back-to-back win in two ODI cricket series against Pakistan and India within two months is no flash in the pan. And this does not prove just its emerging cricketing prowess. It is a manifestation of the all-round progress that South Asia’s youngest nation has made since Henry Kissinger sneeringly called it a “basket case”… Read more »

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Down memory lane: The devils of 1971

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The Bangladesh flag is a symbol of what Bangladeshis treasure; it represents the values we cherish beyond measure. Our flag flies high for freedom, bravery, the courage to fight, and sacrifice of one’s life for a just cause. The Bangladesh flag is an icon representing the Bangladeshi way.

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