Bangladesh must lead the way to decolonise Asia’s internet

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International internet bandwidth is the prime raw material of broadband. Bangladesh, along with developing Asia, procures it mostly from the wholesale markets of Singapore and Hong Kong. Asian telecoms carriers use submarine optical fiber networks to import bandwidth from wholesale markets. Bangladesh Submarine Cable Company (BSCCL) uses the SEA-ME-WE4 cable for this purpose. Deploying and… Read more »

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Follow-up: The Kashmir analogy

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This follows on Syed Badrul Ahsan’s wonderful piece “Hannan Shah’s Kashmir analogy”. Ahsan has used a fine toothcomb to scan Hannan Shah’s Kashmir analogy and, in the process, set the historical record straight. I don’t plan to do a repeat, but cannot resist the temptation to discuss why the Bengali struggle for independence succeeded and… Read more »

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Letter to Wasfia Nazreen

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Dear Wasfia, Million congratulations my friend. There are some people who inspire undiluted admiration and you are one of them.  When I read the news that you conquered all seven of your summits, it was not just pride but also a relief. Thank God, the girl will not be going away chasing another mountain or… Read more »

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India’s minority problem is everywhere in South Asia

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India’s minorities, particularly the Muslims, are facing tough times. The matter has received great attention for the anti-beef agitation mounted by a section of Indians from the majority Hindu community, anti-intercommunal marriages – Love Jihad et cetera – and aggressive doubting of Muslim loyalty to India. In this hostile environment, the concerns expressed by high… Read more »

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