Growth that is without gains

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The economic wellbeing of a country is usually measured, for want of a better or simpler alternative, by gross domestic product (GDP). It is defined as the market value of all final goods and services produced in the country during a given period.  Going by the GDP and other cognate estimates of BBS, it can… Read more »

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1940 23 March: A conference of the All-India Muslim League, meeting in Lahore, adopts a resolution calling for the creation of independent states for Muslims in the subcontinent. 1946 16 August: Hindu-Muslim riots break out in Calcutta following a call for Direct Action by the Muslim League. Over four days, thousands of Hindus and Muslims… Read more »

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Bengal to East Pakistan to Bangla Desh to Bangladesh

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The term ‘Bangladesh’ has been in use since as long as we can remember. Our parents’ generation, despite the fact that they lived through the Partition of 1947 and became, willingly or compelled by geography, citizens of the new state of Pakistan, generally referred to Bangladesh rather than to East Pakistan despite the division of… Read more »

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“See, I don’t have any money …”

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BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Sounds of cannon shots. I thought the war was over. But what was going on outside? I ran out of my room, one that I shared with Bhaia, and straight to my mother. “What’s happening, Amma? Isn’t the war over? Where is Abbu?” “It’s a 21-gun salute. For your birthday,” she said…. Read more »

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Memories of 1971, of a war

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Soon after the historic election of December 7, 1970, I along with three of my classmates from Rajshahi Cadet College (RCC), went to Lahore to study there on “Inter-Wing Scholarships.” Historically, Lahore was the epicentre of politics in Pakistan. A prestigious academic institution, Lahore Government College was the seat of higher education for many sons… Read more »

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History 1971: One event, several histories

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Most people, perhaps everyone, was affected by the events of the Liberation War in one way or another. But the process of recollection and remembering has been rather limited in scope and inclusion. There is a gap between what happened and what we think happened, collectively, individually or nationally. This has happened perhaps inevitably because our… Read more »

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